Tom Cardew


Lives and works in London

Bio: Sometimes, I think to myself, “You’re pretending a self-reflexive modesty in vein attempt to suppose a kind of depth of criticism and meaning into your work ... and just to get others to like you.” And I’d be right. But, at the same time; At the bloody same time

I worry that I’m shit. And this it self is another ‘reveal’ of the artist;

A confident allowance ... I start with bathetic release. And then trundle forward into a chaotic kind of order; One that empathises with the hypocrisies of the modern condition; The modern condition ... come on now, mate.

Somewhere between empathetically embodying an idea of another and others embodying their idea of another, through story, is what I get up to.

Art for Artillery was a collaboration between Tom Cardew and Katarina Rankovic.