Paolo Carzana


Lives and works in London

Bio: On completion of my Art Foundation at University of South Wales in 2014, I moved to London to begin the Bachelor of Arts Fashion Design course at University of Westminster. After taking a year in industry interning for Walter Van Beirendonck in Antwerp, Belgium and working at Versus Versace in Milan, Italy, I have returned to Westminster in London for the final year of the Bachelor.

I am greatly humbled with the support of the British Fashion Council, and excited to begin developing my Final Collection that has been processing in my mind over the past year. Realising the ideas in my head to 3D, the collection will source inspiration from a philosophical vision, and encapsulate the stories in my life and environment around that have influenced me, thinking about Wales and my on going path.

Originally from Cardiff, it is exciting for me to work in an artistic environment with creatives from all around the world, and work to make a creative contribution from Wales. The collection for me will be highly conceptional, as my work has grown to be and I believe the potential outcome can be viewed in an artistic way, more so than a commercial fashion clothing outlook.

The support from the Nova Prize towards my collection cements my dreams to exhibit my work as art in its own form. Blurring the lines between Fashion and Art, it is an important step in changing the division that separates the two. I dream to develop our knowledge as a creative community in Wales, change, move forward and hope. 

Website: Instagram: @farfallapaolino