Mohamed Hassan


Lives and works in Pembrokeshire

Bio: My journey with photography started at a young age, accompanying my professional photographer father to his studios in Alexandria, Egypt or to a wedding or party, as I got older I helped him to record these events both on film and video camera, a great foundation and training for the future. My portrait work aims to challenges some of the stereotypes and judgements that people make about other people. My personal experience as an Egyptian living in Wales for the last 9 years is that I am often judged or stereotyped by my appearance. During the last few years, as a result of events in the world, I have personal experience of less tolerance of my background with people sometimes behaving very negatively towards as a fear of Islam and Muslims has grown.

Increasingly in my work I want to explore equality and tolerance in a wider way.  I choose to take photographs of people of different ages, gender, race and sexual orientation. I try to have a consistent approach to photographing my subjects, I want to find a way to equalize each subject and strip away their personal appearance so that the impression that the viewer gets is of a human, an individual, not a stereotype.