Jessica Lloyd-Jones


Lives and works in Llangollen

Bio: Jessica Lloyd-Jones is a visual artist working at the intersection of art and science - investigating concepts of energy and natural phenomena through the experimental use of materials and light to provide new perspectives on the world in which we live.  

Her interest in how energy is transferred and stored has led the artist to explore its role in both the natural environment and modern technology. Experimenting with the physical properties of materials and the intangible nature of light, the artist explores a dialogue between the material and non-material world, often employing elements of illumination to evoke active energy and sensory experience.        

She presents this enquiry in a broad portfolio of work which includes sculpture created from coal and iron, anatomical glass work and light based installations. She notes such subjects as the carbon cycle, mineralogy, astonomy and bioluminescence as just some of her sources of inspiration. Recent work focuses on relationships between energy and landscape; exploring subjects such as water, mining, nuclear, wind and solar power.