Hannah Prescott


Lives and works in Wrexham

Bio: Experimentation plays a huge part in my creative process. I use line and mark-making as a way to express myself and the environment around me. Originally, at the beginning of the academic year, my focus was largely towards figurative thinking, reflecting upon the time I spent in Poland and how I had been influenced by that experience. The Polish culture offered a stepping stone to let go of my past self and offered me an opportunity to represent myself in an abstract way through the medium of paint.

I have this constant desire to express myself through painting. My attempts to express the perfect image are taken over by my emotions and personality, resulting in emotionally charged, expressive paintings. This body of work is a result of travelling around North Wales, absorbing the environment I live in - looking at the colours and shapes, and how the floor folds downwards, then upwards, and the style of buildings inserted into the landscape, and how they add to a modern day environment, breaking away from the concrete. I appropriate the colours of my surroundings, to portray a natural palette within my paintings, as a way of bringing my real life into my work.

Website: https://www.instagram.com/hannahprescott95/