NOVA 2017 Exhibition list

Artist | Artwork

Billy Bagilhole | Yr lleuad gwag (The hollow moon)

Hannah Barnes | Unearth

Ethan Beswick | Vemödalen 1

Ethan Beswick | Vemödalen 2

Tom Cardew | Art to Artillery

Paolo Carzana | Sweeps Luck

Philip Cheater | This is it isn't it

Catrin Davies | If the beast is left to be the best it will always be the beast

Rebecca Davies | Click4Real

Rory Duckhouse | The Disclaimer Series #1

Rory Duckhouse | The Disclaimer Series #4

Rory Duckhouse | The Disclaimer Series #5

Paul Eastwood | Tyst o atgof | Memory Witness

Lisa Evans | Women at Work

Alexander Fell | Untitled

Mohamed Hassan | Anima

Alys Jones | We are E

John Lawrence | The Monkey Nut and the Cigarette Butt

Jessica Lloyd-Jones | Nuclear Decay

Catrin Llwyd | Astronaut

Catrin Llwyd | Screen

Gweni Llwyd | Gro Chwipo

Eva Masterman | Crackpots

Catrin Menai | 16A Road to Shahara

Elin Meredydd | A re-performance of a performance that may have happened

Hannah Prescott | Environment 1

Alice Roberts | Diversion

Anne J Steves | An end where a beginning had been (The Wreck)

Aled Simons | Ysbrydoli / Inspired in spirit

Aled Simons | C u l t s

AJ Stockwell | Fadic Rock(s)

Jennifer Taylor | Eurynome

Alana Tyson | Best Laid Plans

Alana Tyson | Look After Each Other | Gofalwch Am Eich Gilydd

Samuel Whitaker | The Norm

Ellie Young | Every Woman who has been to Space, one who died trying and two who aren't real (Part of A Complete History of Space Travel)