Ellie Young


Lives and works in Cardiff

Bio: I explore layers of representation through figurative painting; most often different kinds of portraits.The root of my enquiry is the interaction between reality and fiction and the interplay between subject and surface within the act of painting.  Inspiration comes from films, real-life and internet image searches. The work comes in series’ where paintings inform and engage each other, I use repetition as an opportunity to play with mark-making and the formal elements of painting. Recent work includes a complete history of space travel in tiny portraits, portraits of every member of the house of lords, cut-outs of screaming women, paintings of crowds and cut outs based on real figures from the American west (all ongoing). I think that the challenge with painting people is in the convergence of the dynamic and the static, the fugitive expressions of the face coupled with its more longstanding character.

Website: www.ellieyoungart.com