Elin Meredydd


Lives and works in Cardiff

Bio: #elinmeredydd dissects the magnolia banality of the fruit of every performance artists’ labour.

Occassionally the artist uses her previous archive of banal documentation as a catalyst to recreate, perform and successfully make more... banal documentation.

However, #elinmeredydd habitually arrives at the repeated conclusion that performance is ephemeral.

#elinmeredydd is fed up of people missing her show.

#elinmeredydd is fed up of having only banal documentation as validation of her practice.

Unable to hide behind her ‘recent graduate’ label any longer and by no means an ‘emerging artist’, #elinmeredydd’s research has led her to believe that her time is better spent dedicated to her online presence, where she can consistently remain current and bathe in her expanding pool of followers.

For more info search #elinmeredydd

Website: www.elinmeredydd.com