AJ Stockwell


Lives and works in Cardiff

Bio: AJ Stockwell works across mediums, incorporating elements of performance, sculpture, video and text. She is fascinated by objects - by the slippage of materials through time and the human desire to turn plastic stuff into solid reminders of our existence. Borrowing languages and processes from fields such as ceramics, dentistry, anthropology, and mining, Stockwell initiates conversations with specific communities, experts and family members to generate texts that enter the work as re-constructed scripts or narratives, presenting complex explorations of our human preoccupation with accumulating objects.

White Rock is an on-going project that presents a fictional society fixated on the production and preservation of porcelain, drawing reference from historical accounts on the quest for porcelain in the west and utopian desires around craft. A culture structured around the rhythms and rituals of making, porcelain production is seen as the epitome of human-material engagement by the people of White Rock; a position that echoes porcelain's history as status symbol, its material magnitude.

Stockwell was selected for Standpoint Futures 2017 and recently completed a residency at Plymouth Arts Centre.

Website: http://aj-stockwell.com/